UWASCA Constitution

The current 2020 version of the UWASCA constitution can be found here.


We have a discord!

Mailing List

The mailing list connects almost all of the college populace and many other knowledgeable gentles of the SCA, and so is a great place to find answers to any of your questions. You can join the mailing list here.

Advice to Newcomers

The SCA can be daunting at first, especially if you don’t know anyone at your first event or meeting. However, you can ease the transition by employing the following tips.

  • If you are going to an event, an attempt at pre-1600 clothing is required. This can mean as little as a blanket-turned-cloak over your jeans and shirt, but if you can’t find anything there is usually some loaner garb available if you contact someone (try the mailing list) before the event.
  • If you are going to an event, bring your courtesy, and some eating equipment. A wood or plain metal plate/bowl, spoon and goblet will get you by. There is usually some loaner feasting gear if you do not have access to any.
  • Talk to people. If you see someone doing something interesting, ask them about it. They will be more than happy to talk for hours about it.
  • Be prepared to have fun, and if the College is there, to dance. Dancing is generally mandatory.
  • The college prides itself on its inclusivity and being a safe space. If you ever feel like this is not the case contact either the Seneschel (President) or any committee member.

There are many SCA newcomers guides available on the internet. Good places to start include:

Additionally a discussion had with Baron Lachlahn (2010-04-29) contains a useful – but unofficial – overview of SCA etiquette:

  • Courtesy and Etiquette in the SCA (Temporarily removed, update required)

Membership Information

Membership to the College of St Basil entitles you to priority use of equipment, discounts for some events and helps to fund the College equipment and events. Membership costs $5 for Gold Guild Members, $7 for others and can be payed at O-Day, Club Carnival or by arrangement with the Seneschal. Membership to the SCA Australia grants you discounts for all events, legal rights as an association member, a copy of the Kingdom newsletter Pegasus, the opportunity to become an officer of any group and FEWER FORMS TO FILL IN! Membership costs start at $40 for an individual, seeĀ for details.

Other Groups

The Kingdom of Lochac

The Kingdom of Lochac is the highest level branch of the SCA in our hierarchy. The Kingdom sets the laws that the members of the SCA must follow, and is controlled in-game by a King and Queen determined by a tournament.

The Barony of Aneala

The Barony of Aneala is the group that covers the northern Perth metropolitan area (roughly everything North of Fremantle) and the North and East of the state. The heads of Aneala are the Baron and Baroness.

The Canton of Dragon’s Bay

The Canton of Dragon’s Bay is the group that covers the southern Perth metropolitan area and is largely centred around the Rockingham-Mandurah region.