Arts and Sciences Projects

Useful resources

St Basil song lyrics (we have our own song!)

T-tunic handout (T-tunics are your very basic medieval garb that a lot of people start out making.)

11th century Byzantine Clothing (the tunics are even simpler than a t-tunic!)

Viking clothing

Viking undergarments

Cloaks (will keep you very warm during any camping events)

Basic hand sewing guide (useful if you haven’t sewn before)

Basic oatcake recipe (a good recipe if you want to get into historical cooking)


Fingerloop Braiding – A College Specialty!

Fingerloop braiding is a set of techniques used to create cords and lace braids from string. There are many well-established patterns, but it is easy to come up with your own. The College of St Basil is fortunate to have a substantial experience base in fingerloop braiding. Lady Skjaldadís is a veteran braider and would be happy to introduce you to the craft. All you need are fingers, string, a bit of patience and a willingness to learn. More information can be found at

The Pavilion Cover

In early 2009 a pavilion was acquired by the College for sitting under at events, very important for those summer tournies. Shortly afterwards fabric was acquired with which to cover the pavilion in order to transform it from a modern shelter to something a little more medieval. Only now however, at the dawning of 2010 have we got round to putting it all together …

Update 19/2/2010: The cover was finished with several hours to spare before our biggest recruiting opportunity of the year, UWA O-Day. A group of dedicated Collegians worked well into the small hours to complete the Pav Cover.