Here at UWA SCA we are but one chapter of an international organisation with a common interest: recreating and reliving life as it was before the year 1600. Well … the good bits of it anyway, which means much feasting, fighting and general merry-making. Branches of the SCA that are based in universities are referred to as Colleges. In Perth we have two: St. Basil’s here at UWA and (when it’s running) St Lazarus at Murdoch.

We hold training (informal and in plain clothes) twice a week on the Oak Lawn at UWA on Wednesdays from 5pm until dark and on Thursdays from 5pm until late. On both days you can join us for armoured combat, rapier fighting, dancing, sewing, music or just come and hang out! On Thursday evenings once it has got too dark for sword-fighting we have ‘Arts and Sciences’ in a conveniently-lit room at the University. Arts and Sciences involves costuming, sewing, armouring, leather-working or any other projects you may have. We love meeting new members so come and say hello to us on the Oak Lawn during semester to find out more or get involved.

We also attend events regularly with the larger groups throughout Perth. Events range from tournaments (day-time gatherings with armoured combat, rapier and sometimes other activities like archery, music or dancing) to feasts (evening events with food and entertainment provided) and even camping events held over the long weekends. We would be very happy to assist you with making your own historically-informed outfit or we also have garb that we can lend to you.

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), according to legend, came into being in America when somebody threw a big medieval themed party sometime during the 60s. Many of the guests had so much fun they thought it should become a more regular occurrence. Since that fateful day the Society has grown from a group of people who like getting dressed up at weekends, to a worldwide community of people … who like getting dressed up at weekends. The ‘Knowne Worlde’ of the SCA refers to all the countries that have SCA branches, which are divided first into kingdoms, then principalities, baronies, cantons and shires. To find out more visit www.sca.org or, for more information on the local SCA, aneala.lochac.sca.org.