Regular Events

The following events take place except when in conflict with another event, or in exceptional circumstances. Check the mailing list to see if they will run:

  • Heavy Combat Training. Wednesdays from 5pm during semester on the Oak Lawn, UWA.
  • Rapier Training. Thursdays from 5pm during semester on the Oak Lawn, UWA.
  • Arts and Sciences. Thursdays at 8pm until late, following Rapier training and dinner at Broadway. Currently held in room 2.10 at the new E-Zone 2.10 Building at UWA. There is no set end time, but usually finishes between 10-11pm.
  • Baronial Training. Sundays, 10am-12pm at Lake Monger Primary School. Not College events, but there are often college people there.
  • Baronial Council. Contribute to the decision making process in the Barony! Meeting starts 7pm, 3rd Friday of the month. Contact the Baronial Seneschal.

Check the Anealan calendar and even the Lochac calendar for up-to-date event details. This page is primarily a listing for planned college-run events and may be out of date.