History of the College

Far back in the inky blackness of time, there was a man with a vision. This man found the University of Western Australia to be depressingly untainted by SCA Collegian brilliance and set out to remedy this. After plying the University authorities with mead and the promise of mercenary collegian guards should its borders come under attack, the College of St Basil the Great was founded. Its founder has gone on to become a Landsknecht of great fame and notoriety.

The College now practices the time-honoured traditions of armoured combat, rapier fighting, rabbit shooting, corset-wearing, Viking-Tudor rivalry, pineapple worship, mead drinking, singing of silly songs late at night, controlled arson, mildly improbable garb sewing, dancing at continuous and inappropriate times, fire jumping and generally being awesome.

As of AS XLVI the College is embarking on its quest for world domination.

College Growth from AS XLII – LVI